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Nasdu Trainee Trainer Fact Sheet


This Award offers the opportunity for an individual to gain NASDU accreditation as an acknowledgement of their desire to become a qualified NASDU Approved Instructor/Trainer.

The role of a Trainee is to provide an additional resource to an Approved Instructor/Trainer and assist them in the delivery of basic training. Many existing Trainers whilst competent often lack formal recognised qualifications or documented experience. This Award offers both existing Trainers and new entrants the opportunity to build a portfolio of evidence under the guidance of an Approved Instructor/Trainer who will act as their mentor.

For whom suitable

This Award is suitable for Security Dog Handlers currently working in the security industry or unqualified Trainers considering working in the security dog training sector.

NB: As many Trainees will be working towards becoming a NASDU/HABC Approved Instructor/Trainer attention is drawn to the requirements of that Award and in particular the need to hold a Level 3 training qualification.

Awarding body

The Award of Trainee Trainer will be certificated by NASDU and acknowledged by HABC.


Level 2


Time served as a Trainee would be of sufficient duration to ensure competency, having a minimum period of 2 years.

There is not requirement to proceed to an Approved Instructor/Trainers and as such there is no time limit as to how long an individual can remain as a Trainee Trainer.

Programme Structure

The programme is flexible and will include a mixture of theory and practical training delivery, supervised by an Approved Instructor/Trainer.

Prior Learning
  • Application to become a Trainee Trainer will be by submission of the applicants CV to NASDU which should include full details of any previous training both formal and informal together with any relevant experience in training and handling dogs.
  • Applicants should ensure they have written confirmation from the NASDU Approved Instructor/Trainer to whom they will be assisting and who will be acting as their mentor.
  • Applicants must demonstrate to their mentor not only a desire to teach but that they have the basic skills knowledge and understanding of the principals of teaching and instruction.
  • Applicants must demonstrate to their mentor their efficiency, safety and control when working around dogs and also when handling dogs.

Assessment and internal moderation of the Trainees portfolio as part of their application to become an Approved Instructor/Trainer will be by NASDU with external moderation carried out by HABC.


NASDU having assessed the applicants CV shall certificate the Trainee at the commencement of the training period in recognition of their commitment.


Trainees will gain confidence and experience to progress to Approved Instructor/Trainer status.

  • The Trainee shall receive on-going instruction from their mentor as to the delivery of both practical and theoretical training.
  • The Trainee shall be required to achieve NASDU/HABC accreditation in the discipline in which they wish to train.
  • The Trainee shall be required to demonstrate sector competence in that they have the necessary knowledge and understanding in the discipline in which they wish to train.
  • The Trainee whilst assisting the Approved Instructor/Trainer (mentor) in the delivery of basic training must be supervised at all times.
  • The Trainee whilst assisting in the assessment process is not qualified to carry out final assessments or complete NASDU/HABC documentation; this is the role of the Approved Instructor/Trainer (mentor).
  • The Trainee can assist handlers with their monthly CT training.

Initial Application
Verification Fee:                     £35.00
Individual Membership:        £25.00
Total:                                        £60.00

Annual Fee     

Trainee Trainer Membership Fee: £35.00

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