Inspected Company Membership Fact Sheet

NASDU Inspected Companies have always been required to work to a specified standard or Code of Practice:

  • BS 8517-1:2016 Code of Practice for the use of General Purpose Security Dogs
  • BS 8517-2:2016 Code of Practice for the use of Detection Dogs

British Standards Codes of Practice take the form of guidance and recommendation and should not be quoted as if they are specification.

For Whom Suitable
NASDU Associate Companies or any other establishment that deploys security dogs and handlers within the private sector and who wish to demonstrate commitment, competence and compliance through third party accreditation.

Third party accreditation, enhanced web listing plus full Associate Company Member benefits.

  • Membership of a nationally recognised Association, which represents the interests of its Membership at the highest levels including the S.I.A., Government, Home Office, DEFRA etc.
  • Certificate issued annually
  • Direct access to nationally recognised training & certification
  • Direct access to free advice and support from industry experts
  • Free issue of the Associations quarterly Magazine
  • Regular e-mail bulletins regarding developments within the security industry and topical issues
  • Discounts on Insurance
  • Discounts on the Associations merchandise
  • Discounts on British Standards, Codes of Practice, etc.
  • Discounts available from sponsors and advertisers
  • Use of the logo (the grade of Membership must be displayed beneath the logo)
  • Discount on employee Individual Membership
  • Credit facility
  • Web site listing
  • Free advertising on the website regarding recruitment

Inspection Structure
The inspection shall consist of first a visit to the Company’s main administration office followed by a visit to an operational site where both security dogs and handlers are deployed.

The inspection shall be carried out by a suitably qualified inspector approved by the NASDU Inspectorate.

The purpose of the inspection is to assess a Company’s compliance with relevant British Standard Codes of Practice by the verification of key aspects as part of a holistic assessment process to check adoption and understanding.

There are two indicators where non or partial compliance with British Standard Codes of Practice will be identified.

Firstly where there is significant and unjustified deviation from the Codes of Practice that affects service delivery, public safety and/or the integrity of NASDU then an improvement notice will be raised.

Secondly where there is only minor deviation or the deviation does not adversely affect service delivery, public safety and/or the integrity of NASDU then an improvement option (in the form of an Action Plan) will be raised.

On achievement a certificate will be issued

£  35.00 Initial Application Fee
£100.00 Annual Membership Fee (if not already a Member)
£275.00 Bi Annual Inspection Fee plus Travel

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