Nasdu Approved Trainer Fact Sheet


The following requirements aim to ensure that Instructors and Trainers delivering programmes against NASDU and Awarding Body specifications have the basic skills knowledge and understanding required to ensure the provision of a professional level of service delivery to learners, i.e. handlers and their dogs


The requirements are achievable for the novice through to the experienced and are suitable for members of the private security industry, the Police, Prison Services or HM Armed Forces (NB: a novice would be an applicant who does not hold a nationally recognised dog training qualification in the discipline they wish to provide training in)


Level 3 Qualification in Education & Training – applicants must have successfully completed a formal teaching qualification or an equivalent service presentational skills qualification (i.e. Police – BTEC, Military – D.I.T.)

Service Qualification in Dog Training – applicant must hold or have previously held a nationally recognised dog training qualification as an INSTRUCTOR, with either the Police, Military, Prison Service etc. in the discipline they wish to provide training in.

In addition must have sufficient documented experience in the field of service/security dog training within the last 5 years.

NB: See separate guidance regarding novice application (i.e. those who do not hold a nationally recognised dog trainer qualification)

Level 2 or 3 Qualification in GP Dog Handling or Level 3 or 4 Qualification in Detection Dog Handling – applicant must hold a nationally recognised dog handling qualification (service or civilian) enabling them to demonstrate sector competence in the discipline they wish to provide training in.

In addition must have documented experience in service/security dog handling.

Sector Competence – Must demonstrate sector competence, in that they have the necessary experience, knowledge and understanding of the private sector discipline in which they are providing training.

CPD – Must demonstrate that they are keeping their own knowledge and skills up to date

Instructors/Trainers must maintain an up to date CV which must include both a chronological employment history as well as a chronological list of certificated training/development received.


Step 1 – Submission of CV

The delivery of NASDU qualifications are Instructor/Trainer led, based on an individual Trainers skills, knowledge and understanding of the discipline which they are providing training in.

As a result applicants must submit Part 1 of the application form and a comprehensive CV detailing in full their sector competence, their experience and any teaching qualifications they have or are working towards, enclosing as much supporting documentation as possible, i.e. certificates, testimonial etc. as detailed above in Prior Learning.
On receipt the CV will be reviewed by members of NASDU’s Inspectorate Committee. If any further supporting documentation is required relating to experience or qualifications then it will be requested at this stage.

Applicants applying as a Novice (i.e. those who do not hold a nationally recognised dog training qualification) would at this stage be required to be assessed as to their training and presentational skills together with an assessment of their knowledge and understanding of the sector they wish to provide training in.

Cost: Applicants should with the submission of Part 1 also enclose the initial application fee together with a Membership Application if not already an Individual Member of the Association.

Step 2 – Inspection of Resources

The structure of NASDU qualifications are a mixture of theory and practical tuition; as a result applicants must submit Part 2 of the application form detailing their physical resources for the delivery of practical training together with details of the classroom facilities for the delivery of knowledge based theory. On receipt NASDU will inspect the resources available to the NASDU Code of Practice for Instructor/s/Trainers together with an observation of the applicant carrying out training.

Cost: Applicants should with the submission of Part 2 also enclose the inspection fee.

Step 3 – Assessment of Programme

The method of delivery for NASDU qualifications is flexible and not prescriptive; as a result, applicants must submit details of a programme timetable and lesson plans based on the qualifications specified learning outcomes and assessment criteria together with any further information that will assist NASDU in approving the delivery to learners including how learners access appropriate learning materials.

These details of a proposed programme can either be reviewed during the inspection of resources at Step 2 or by submission to NASDU Head Office prior to certification.

Cost: There is no additional fee for the programme review, although on approval applicants may wish to purchase the Trainers Pack on CD ROM.


Assessments shall be carried out by the NASDU Inspectorate. Internally verified by the NASDU Management Committee and externally moderated by the appropriate Awarding Bodies.


On full achievement certification for a two year period will be granted, the applicant will then be listed on the NASDU register of Approved Instructors/Trainers which will also be posted on the NASDU website for which links are available.

Certification will show which discipline the Instructor/Trainer is authorised to deliver training in, i.e. GP, Drugs, Explosives etc.


The successful applicant can proceed on to training of other disciplines or the training of Trainers.


Initial Application Fee – £35.00

Inspector/Assessor Fee £175.00 + Travel = £275.00 + Travel
Verification Fee £ 65.00
Certification Fee & Website Listing £ 35.00

Plus: Annual Individual Membership Fee @ £25.00

Application Form:
For application form please click here

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